Hypertension can be prevented with the help of Vitamin D

(http://www.zeepharmacy.co) : The world’s largest study to examine the link between vitamin D levels and hypertension has found that low levels of it can be a major cause of hypertension. The individuals’ vitamin D status and their test for an association with blood pressure, was measured by the researchers with the help of genetic variations called as SNPs as proxy makers or single nucleotide polymorphisms.

The researchers aforementioned that its deficiency is a very common problem in the Western world; particularly because obesity,

It can be obtained in two ways by the people:

• By eating or drinking it
• By exposing the skin to sunlight, which helps in triggering the production of it.

The liver and the kidneys are then able to convert it to a form that our body can use. People with high levels of it in their blood enjoy several benefits, apart from improved bone health. People with high levels of it have significantly better immunity and a reduced risk of several diseases.

Vitamin D insufficiency (between 21-29 ng/mL) and deficiency (Less than 20 ng/mL) lead to a heightened risk of:

• Autoimmune diseases
• Cancer
• Type 2 diabetes
• Infectious diseases
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Obesity

The study provides further data to support the importance of it. It was also suggested that vitamin D supplements or food fortification can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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