Type 2 Diabetes patients require less Insulin if they receive Autologus stem cells

(http://www.acedrugstore.com/) : Type 2 diabetes patients who receive self-donated (autologous) bone marrow stem cells require less insulin, a new study revealed. They looked at the safety and efficacy of autologous transplanted bone marrow stem cells in patients with type 2 diabetes (TD2M). Although there is an increasing interest in using stem cell transplantation to treat people with this condition, a little research has been done to observe the benefit of bone marrow-derived stem cells.

By experimenting with bone marrow-derived stem cells, the researchers attempted to exploit the rich source of stem cells in bone marrow. Good glycemic control appeared as a critical factor in the transplantation group and in the non-transplanted control group. Cell transplantation had a considerable influence on the patients in this report as those administered cells showed a significant decrease in insulin requirement.

A notably smaller decrease in the need for insulin was also observed in the control group.The experts suggested finding out which type of stem cells (bone marrow, hematopoietic, or placenta-derived) might be best for the treatment of T2DM.

Additionally, the researchers also pointed out that post-transplantation patients who required careful observation for the development of neoplasia as stem cells – whether multipotent or pluripotent – have the possibility for malignant transformation.

Autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy in patients with T2DM results in significant decrease in insulin dose requirement. A recent study also showed that going for short walks after meals may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in older people by helping to reduce the risky spikes in blood sugar that occur after filling the stomach with food.

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