Vaccination of infants against pneumonia helps protect elderly

( who receive a vaccine to prevent ear and blood infections appear to be minimizing the spread of pneumonia to the rest of the population, mainly to their grandparents and other older adults. Pneumonia is a leading cause of hospitalization. The protective effect was seen in older adults, who do not receive the vaccine but are benefitted from vaccination of infants, is quite outstanding. It is one of the most histrionic examples of indirect protection or herd immunity that is observed in recent years.

The study suggests this herd immunity is an even more effective prevention for elders than the vaccine currently recommended to prevent pneumonia in older adults. The minimization in pneumonia hospitalizations among older adults appears to be related to long-term effects following introduction of PCV7 immunization for children.

Humans are the only reservoir for the pneumococcus. This group of bacteria can live in the throat and nose of the people, especially children. These bacteria may be transmitted from young children to older age groups. As time passes, the vaccine is causing a change in types of pneumococcus carried and transmitted nationwide. We are very lucky to witness this in our time. These are huge indirect effects on the adult population which don’t happen very often.

PCV7 was developed to protect children against seven types of pneumococcal bacteria that cause potentially deadly and debilitating blood and spinal infections. These bacteria are also well-known as a leading cause of lung and ear infections in young children.

PCV13 may cause another large reduction in pneumonia hospitalizations; perhaps another 10 percent, we hope. It is important and necessary for people to know that adults are benefiting from the childhood vaccine program. These adults won’t be hospitalized, won’t be getting complications or antibiotics of hospitalizations, and they won’t be dying, since the risk of death is 5 percent to 12 percent when older adults are hospitalized with pneumonia. Vaccination of infants effects in a tremendous public health benefit.
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