Leading Adelaide Clinical Psychologist Assures Lasting Improvements for Diverse Mental Issues

The Adelaide residents down with deep psychological issues seem to have a reliable relief portal – Mark McHugh, leading clinical psychologist Adelaide, has announced of lasting improvement for diverse mental issues. The psychologist Adelaide promised of quality treatment with proven methods.

Mark McHugh is a Masters holder in Clinical Psychology and has worked in both public and private hospitals as clinical psychologist, catering to both adults and children. He also holds experience in treating patients suffering from chronic and acute mental illness.

“If you are trying hard to come out of stress or depression or other such mental issues and need an able guidance, we can be your credible aide. We have come up with a premium treatment procedure which is effective and timely. We are backed seasoned, registered and well trained psychologists who can bring in sustainable improvements in your life”, said a spokesperson from PsychWell, Mark’s Adelaide based clinical psychology and counselling centre.

“Our treatment deploys psychological therapy which is aimed at emotion regulation and adjustment of your behaviour & thinking, leading you to complete psychological wellness”, the spokesperson added.

This esteemed psychologist takes to client-centric approach always where the patient would himself drive the change process in him. The therapy plans here are developed keeping the patient’s specific conditions in mind. McHugh is qualified to handle a versatile range of psychological issues. The different mental conditions treated at PsychWell include stress, anxiety, impulse disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, addictions and more. PsychWell also accommodates organizational psychological issues.

“Our treatments begin with a complete understanding of mental concerns of our patients. We will help you with the appropriate most psychological treatment enabling you to achieve the desired goals in life. The treatments provided here have already been tried and tested and hence you can be confirmed of their worth”, commented McHugh’s manager, while speaking about the treatments.

PsychWell deploys a number of evidence based psychological treatments like ACT, PPP, Schema Therapy, MI, CBT, EMDR and Trauma-Focused therapy.

“We conduct assessment reports for our patients utilizing updated psychometric measuring tools”, the manager added.