Business benefits of machine-to-machine communications adoption revealed in research paper

Business benefits of machine-to-machine communications adoption revealed in research paperA new research paper, titled The M2M adoption barometer 2013, released by Vodafone reveals the business benefits and opportunities that machine-to-machine (M2M) communications presents, as well as the barriers that can arise in the adoption process.

With M2M technology, fixed or mobile objects such as security cameras, cars and industrial machinery can be connected. This enables objects to send and receive information to each other and to central management systems, autonomously and often in real time, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for business agility and efficiency.

The paper confirms the broad industry and global coverage of M2M technology and how the effects are transforming large and small scale businesses. The paper also discusses the global adoption of M2M communications and the advantages it presents for operational efficiency and business agility, amongst others.

The research reveals that 94% of businesses see some return from M2M, with 36% seeing significant return. The data shows that 78% of respondents see M2M adoption as crucial to business success and those that are in the process of implementing M2M, consider it a key priority. 50% of organisations will have adopted M2M by 2015.

The automotive sector is currently leading the way in M2M implementation, which is then followed by energy and utilities, transport and logistics, manufacturing and consumer electronics, and consumer goods and retail.

Due to this, Vodafone has also compiled mini reports for each industry sector. The research papers’ findings make one thing very clear: every organisation is treading its own path on the road to M2M, from initial strategy to final implementation. Some have already arrived; others are just starting out. But there are some clear trends in how the technology and its adoption are evolving.

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