Green Energy Travel offers Iceland eco tours

Green Energy Travel offers Iceland eco toursIceland tour provider Green Energy Travel is offering eco tours across the country for small groups and families who want to enjoy a relaxing journey with a cosy atmosphere.

Green Energy Travel aims to show the country’s sights in a personal, exciting way, without unnecessary environmental stress. The company conducts its tours in an eco-friendly way by using methane gas and biodiesel, and travelling in smaller groups to minimise impact on fragile natural sites.

Tours with Green Energy Travel range from day tours, half-day tours, evening tours, and special thematic tours. With its thematic tours, guests can learn about the geology of Iceland, historical and saga tours, and Icelandic literature.

One example of its thematic tours is Sagas and Stories in Volcanic Shadows, an in-depth tour visiting the locations of the most famous Icelandic sagas.

During the tour, guests travel in the shadow of the mighty Mt. Hekla into the desolated Thjorsardalur valley, where they shall get to know the medieval lifestyle in Iceland. From there, visitors travel through the southern countryside down to Keldur farm, where the oldest existing house in Iceland can be visited. Keldur is also one of the locations mentioned in the most famous Icelandic saga, “The saga of Burnt Njall”.

The tour then finishes with a trip across the famous saga sites across Reykjavik.

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