Workplace mobility optimisation discussed in Computacenter network report

Workplace mobility optimisation discussed in Computacenter network reportThe importance of workplace mobility optimisation has been discussed in a new report by Computacenter, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services.

Computacenter has uncovered a surge in mobility in the workplace, which, with the right network optimisation, can be an asset to any organisation.

With only 4 in 10 employees now using a desktop, greater mobility in the workplace is necessary. However, without the right IT infrastructure foundations and usage policies, mobility will never get into the fast lane.

As stated in the 2013 State of the Endpoint study by the Ponemon Institute, those organisations leading the mobility charge, ‘the innovators’ have already seen their revenues grow by 44 percent, and to ensure the WLAN encourages mobility, IT departments need to scale up and lock down their infrastructure.

According to Computacenter’s research 85 percent of employees use a laptop during their working day; 72 percent of organisations have a policy allowing personal devices in the workplace; and 80 percent of users connect via the corporate Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, it must be mentioned that organisations using an inadequate WLAN could not only slow down mobility, but also force employees on to public alternatives – which come with even greater security risks.

Computercenter’s network report on workplace mobility optimisation can be found here.