Managing mobile devices in the workplace

Businesses face the challenge of managing ever more complex mobile devices, in order to meet the needs of their workforce.

Managing mobile devices is a challenge many businesses will have to face during the years to come, particularly if they are involved in information-related disciplines.

A report from technology analyst Gartner1 predicts that, by 2015, three in five ‘information workers’ will use mobile devices to access content such as video – and it will be up to their employers to ensure they have the right equipment.

In particular, Gartner anticipates that it will no longer be appropriate to simply provide individual mobile devices with video capabilities, but that instead, each business’s total suite of devices will need to be broadly compatible.

This includes smartphones, tablets, hybrid devices and other categories of technology that have yet to be devised.

Future-Proofing your Technology
If you are only just beginning to learn about mobile device management, there’s no reason to feel daunted – this is a fast-moving area of technology that has been transformed in recent years with the rapid pace of smartphone development and the introduction of tablets.

That has substantially levelled the playing field, as even experienced business leaders are having to learn about new devices from a standing start.

You can avoid being left behind by making it an immediate priority to learn more about all the different mobile devices that are currently available, their compatibility with different media types, and what the major manufacturers have in the pipeline for the near future.

From that firm base, you are then in an ideal position to add to your knowledge in line with new product launches over the coming several years, so that you and your workforce adopt technology as it reaches maturity, and can cope with the mobilisation of information-related business throughout the middle of this decade and beyond.

1Gartner says at least 60 percent of information workers will interact with content applications via a mobile device by 2015, Gartner, June 2013

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