Yatzy number of downloads exceeds expectations in Sweden and Russia

On request from Yatzy players worldwide, Game.IO today unveiled a 60 seconds in-game timer to improve the gameplay experience when Yatzy players compete in online mode. If the player does not make a move in one minute, the turn is transferred to other player, making the online mode faster, more dynamic and exciting.

The constant growth of interest for Yatzy, especially in Sweden and Russia, encouraged Game.IO to provide all players from these two countries a Yatzy version in their own native language.

Coming with new, refreshing and challenging look, the recent launch of Yatzy for Windows Phone devices was widely embraced by Yatzy fans from all over the word. The latest release featured online mode which gave top players the option to gather and create the most exciting Yatzy competitions, including betting mode to exceed expectations and dive into deeper in-game challenges. In-apps for the users of Windows Phone 8 are now added so that the players can get more Game.IO chips and few more options for getting free chips. In addition, for even greater experience, lots of themes are added, so that each user can change the themes the way s/he prefers.

“We are very happy with the positive feedback we received from players on the new Yatzy for Windows Phone. This encouraged us to work harder on providing new features, add new languages and meet players’ expectations. Our team is constantly engaged on improving the Yatzy experience and players can expect even more surprises from us very soon!” – said Marija Keleshoska, Marketing Specialist in Game.IO.

Owners of Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices can download Yatzy free of charge or get the full version at discounted price from the Windows Phone Store and play it with the peers, friends and family. Players will enjoy lots of fun playing Yatzy and they are encouraged to share their thoughts and comments via reviews in the store.

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