Canadian Beverage Supply (CBS) is offering a variety of draft beer dispenser systems. It stacks everything to build an excellent draft beer equipment suite. 

The company has created a niche for itself in the beer equipment segment by being a convenient one–stop source. 

For beer guzzlers, the choice has always been draft beer over the canned and bottled stuff. Any beer lover knows there is nothing better than beer-on-tap and every beer dispenser owner appreciates the value of draft beer.

“Apart from the economics of business, dispensing of draft beer has enormous environmental benefits,” says a bar owner. “A draft beer keg can be returned, refilled, and recycled.”

The best part is that draft beer dispensing systems allow guzzlers to enjoy cold draft beer and save some money too. A glass of draft beer costs much less than the cost of serving beer in bottles and cans.

Innovations in draft beer dispensersystems have come a long way since the old wooden dispensers of yester years. The market for draft beer dispensers is flooded with a variety of shapes made by different materials including stainless steel.

A beer dispensing system can have more than one tap. Customers can choose from one, two, or even more taps.

CBS has a complete line of high-quality, durable beer dispensers.

In the draft beer tower segment, CBS has classic, old world designs to sleek and contemporary styles. From one-tap to four-tap T-towers, CBS has even double pedestal T-systems having a capacity to serve 8, 10, 12, or 16 beers from one dispenser.

Draft beer drip trays in DBS inventory are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. These look functional, stylish, and are made of stainless steel construction.

Beer faucets with DBS look innovative. Made of stainless steel, QUIX make 304SS taps fit into any standard US coupling nut. This design is perfect for dispensing a pure pint of draft beer.

Customers, who desire flow control, can buy a beer faucet that solves flow issues by adding, reducing, or replacing the restriction line in a tower.

CBS also stocks Glycol decks. These are available for line runs from 30’ to 250’. Glycol units are self-contained refrigeration units that keep the beer cold in its main trunk line on its way to the faucet.

CBS appears to live up to its promise as a supplier of high-quality, innovative products and solutions to meet beer equipment buyers’ expectations.

About Canadian Beverage Supply:

CBS is a supplier of wholesale beverage refrigerators and draft beer dispenser systems and hand trucks for material handling. The company’s dedicated team members have gained a good reputation by virtue of their showing keen interest in customers’ beverage dispensing needs.