Canada Beverage Supply Unveils Top- Quality Beverage Refrigerators And Draft Beer

Canada: With a potpourri of high-quality beer dispensers, beer refrigerators, and beverage dispensing merchandize, Canada Beverage Supply (CBS) is all set to make a dent into the draft beer equipment market.

There is no better way to chill out than by enjoying beer that is fresh, ice cold, and delicious. 

Given the option, most regular beer drinkers will choose draft beer most of the time. The main reason for the popularity is that draft beer retains most of the flavor when it gets brewed.

For a bar or a restaurant owner, it is vital to choose the right draft beer system.

Today, many bar owners have realized that selling beer on tap makes it important for a very loyal customer base. It is true beer drinkers can buy beers in bottles and cans selecting from an array of different brands.

However, die-hard beer lovers come to bars for a totally different beer drinking experience. They want to enjoy their old favorites or taste innovative and intriguing new brews from the tap.

The most common and possibly the simplest system used in most commercial beverage joints is the direct draw beer dispenser. Here, a keg is kept in a cooling unit and at a short distance from the dispensing faucet.

Other popular systems in place are air-cooled draft systems and glycol-cooled draft systems.

In any case, bar owners must install reliable draft beer equipment to get decent profits from beer sales.

“I thoroughly try to understand my draft beer system before commencing with my beer sales,” says a bar owner. “I must be able to preempt any issues that are likely to arise. An efficient and a dependable system can deliver big profit to my business.”

Most draft beer bars will agree with this statement. By choosing the right system for the bar and by properly setting up and maintaining the draft system, bar owners will be able to serve beer on the tap in a profitable way.

CBS lives up to the expectation of beverage restaurateurs by being able to sell top-notch draft beer equipment and supplies.

The company stocks an array of products in the beer dispensers and dispensing categories. In the beer dispenser collection, CBS has draft beer towers, beer trays, beer faucets, glycol decks, and draft system cleaning supplies.

For dispensing, CBS stocks bar supplies that include cocktail strainers, cleaning brushes, steel bar spoons, bar caddies, and different colored free pour bottles.

One of the high spots of their product lines is a beverage refrigerator having rugged construction, large capacity, and a promise of many years of quiet reliable service.

About Canadian Beverage Supply:

Canadian Beverage Supply is a supplier of wholesale beverage refrigerators and draft beer equipment, and hand trucks for material handling. The company’s dedicated team members have a reputation of showing keen interest in customers’ beverage dispensing needs to provide high-quality, innovative products and solutions that meet or even exceed customers’ expectations.

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