5 Star Luxury Hotel Celebrates 30 Years in Business at Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany

hotel italyThis Saturday August 10th Forte dei Marmi, one of the most exclusive locations in Tuscany, prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of il Bottaccio, a 5 star luxury hotel just minutes away from the center of Forte dei Marmi.

“We are very busy with last minute preparations here at il Bottaccio” said a spokesperson describing the upcoming event: “30 years in business is a milestone for any business: it grows like a tree and put deep roots into the terrain where it is planted – The past 10 years have seen the luxury and recreation travel business change profoundly with the Internet opening up new channels, brining to our exclusive hotel world class Guests seeking only the best; the fact that we have been able to not only meet but exceed their expectations makes us proud and gives us the strength and energy to continue in our relentless journey towards perfection.

We look forward to Saturday evening, a celebration for a select Clique of Guests here at Il Bottaccio

Celebrations start at 8:30 – we will welcome our Guests with an aperitif. Dinnier in itself will be the first event of the evening with Chef Nino Mosca who is preparing spine tingling gastronomical delights …

–      Gazpacho with Deep Fried Beef Stick

–      Guacamole with Tuna salad in Thyme and Orange

–      Jumbo Shrimp with sweet Pepper sauce, splashed with Scotch and a sprinkle of Coconut

–      Spiced Baby Squid and Mixed Legumes Soup

–      Lobster cocktail with Mushrooms and Truffles

–      Dark Chocolate Cake with Caramel and Kahlua sauce

Entertainment will start after dinner with live music by Salsamba and special Guests:

–      Concert Pianist Basinia Shulman

–      Soprano Giorgia Fumanti

–      Fabric Trapeze  – Arial show



A prize stay at Il Bottaccio for 2 will be assigned.

Cost per person: € 90,00, wines and drinks are not included

Information and Bookings:

Hotel Relais Il Bottaccio – Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany

Email: bottaccio@bottaccio.it

Phone: +39 0585340031

Website: http://bottaccio.it/il-bottaccio-30yrs/