Lasik Eye Correction – New Way To Look At The World

Lasik eye correction is a refractive surgery procedure which is done to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness. A lasik eye correction uses a laser that reshapes the cornea which is the round, clear dome in the front of the eye, so that the eye focuses light rays into the retina, at the back of the eye.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost is expensive for the normal people thus one needs to be though about. Different places have different prices, so one needs to check out different places, before deciding on where to get it performed. Nowadays you get free lasik eye correction surgery done, or at rates which are quite nominal, since more and more people are facing trouble with their eyes.

Lasik Surgery cost is one thing that you have to keep in mind but you also need to check out places where this can be done at rates which are affordable for you.

Lasik Eye Correction is a procedure which corrects vision and this is done to give yourself a good look, as some people prefer to get a Lasik Eye Correction done than to wear eye glasses or contacts to better their vision.

Lasik is performed by firstly making the eye numb with a few drops of topical anaesthetic. They then place an eyelid holder between the eyelids so that the eyes remain open, and blinking of eyes can be prevented. A suction ring is then placed on the eye lifts and it flattens the cornea and helps keep the eye from moving around. There may be a pressure on the patient from the eyelid holder and suction ring which would be similar to a finger pressed firmly on the eyelid. The vision appears dim or goes black when the suction ring is put on the eye. The cornea then flattens, and a hinged flap of corneal tissue is created using an automated microsurgical device. This could be a laser or a blade.

The corneal flap is now lifted and folded back. The excimer laser pre-programmed with the patient’s unique eye measurements is centrally above the eye.

After all this, the surgeon finally checks that the laser is positioned correctly. The patient looks at a pinpoint light, which is called a fixation or target light. The excimer laser sculpts the corneal tissue in the meantime. Then the surgeon places the flap back into position and smoothes the edges. The corneal flap sticks to the underlying corneal tissue within two to five minutes, and stitches are not needed. The Lasik eye correction surgery is completed.

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