Virtual Drive Offers Premium Cloud IT Services – Affordable Rates Assured

The online businesses in need of reliable cloud IT solution need not look beyond – Virtual Drive, the major cloud IT company has announced to provide premium quality and completely secure cloud services for all sizes of office, server and IT environment. The cloud based firm assured affordable rates with better features in comparison to any costly in-house solution.

Virtual Drive is a pioneer in complete cloud services operating since 1999. Their systems include online backup system, remote file server, web servers FTP servers and email servers. “All the businesses would need our basic cloud IT solution for an effective operation and growth online. We are armed with a solid group of security and technical team who were some of the first ones to come up with cloud computing. You can trust us for truly reliable services and products. A number of entrepreneurs have embraced us as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to their in-house self managed solutions”, said a spokesperson from Virtual Drive.

Virtual Drive has been providing a versatile range of services such as quick, simple and easy online storage, automated backup, file share, folder synchronization, file versioning and advanced cloud hosting solutions.

“We have redefined secure virtual storage”, said the firm manager, “We guarantee a state of the art online storage solution for clients, partners and your colleagues”. Also is ensured easy accessibility to virtual storage and fully redundant, secure storage servers safeguarded by encryption for the complete data security.

As per the statement of the spokesperson, the group-administration tool from Virtual Drive can create as much as up to 10,000 users for the client companies. “Our top notch services are equipped to support numerous file & data zettabytes with superior security, convenience and reliability”, the spokesperson added.

The firm has a special focus on small businesses and that Virtual Drive wants to support small scale businesses with easily manageable top notch IT backup at incredibly affordable rates.

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