Virus that harms chicken kills prostate cancer cells of all kinds in human –

 A study has established a chicken-killing virus as a promising treatment for prostate cancer in humans. Researchers have revealed that a genetically engineered Newcastle disease virus, which prejudices chickens but not humans, slaughters prostate cancer cells of all kinds, consisting hormone-resistant cancer cells. This contingent treatment is available for immediate pre-clinical and clinical trials.

About one in six men will evolve prostate cancer. Patients typically accept hormone treatments or chemotherapy, both of which have unfavorable side effects. The researchers hope that the development of new treatment methodologies will not only better fight prostate cancer, but also reduce the side effects normally linked with chemotherapy and hormone treatments.

Newcastle disease virus influences domestic and wild bird species, particularly chickens, and is one of the most economically significant viruses to the poultry industry. Although it can induce mild conjunctivitis and flu-like presages in humans who have been in close contact with infected birds, it does not cause a threat to human health.

They mutated the virus so that it reiterates only in the appearance of an active prostate-specific antigen and, therefore, is highly particular to prostate cancer. We also tested its virtue in a tumor model in vitro. The recombinant virus capably and particularly killed prostate cancer cells, while frugaling normal human cells in the laboratory.

Earlier human clinical trials for other types of cancer with naturally occurring strains of Newcastle disease virus demanded several injections of the virus in large quantities for success. They believe that the recombinant virus would be able to extirpate prostate cancer in much lower doses. It would also search out metastatic prostate cancer cells and remove them. The recombinant virus will be highly safe and can be injected intravenously or directly into the tumor

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