Identity Direct Continues To Counter Lost Property

Identity Direct, an online labels & gifts specialist website known for their unique children’s gift range, continues to help parents counter lost property. With school back following the July holiday break, Identity Direct saw an increase in labels sales. Company founder, Linda Greene, believes the rising costs of lost property in the playground are driving this continued push by parents to label everything. 

According to a study by TU at Sainsbury’s and Mumsnet, British primary school pupils lose a staggering £187m worth of uniform every year and as Greene says “it’s just a fact of life the world over. Where there are children there will be lost property! The best you can do is ensure that when it’s found it’s easy for it to find its way home to you. We always say, ‘label it don’t lose it’, because by simply labelling your child’s items it’s a bit of an insurance policy so you’re not constantly replacing things.” 

Identity Direct offer a wide range of name labels, iron on labels and clothing labels. They also sell label packs, which bundle together a couple of options and help lower the costs for families.

According to Greene it’s not only the parents that see the benefit, it’s also the kids. “We’ve had many parents tell us how excited their kids are to have their favourite Disney characters accompanying them on their school items.”

Identity Direct also caters for other school supplies with an extensive range of personalised pencils, lunch bags, drink bottles, backpacks, stationery sets and more. “We have a fantastic range of items for school including the best-selling My School Years book which helps you keep lasting memories from kindy to year 12. It provides a way to store and record everything from favourite memories to school photos and awards,” says Greene.

About Identity Direct

Identity Direct is the world’s leading supplier of personalised children’s products. We create products that bring magical, memorable moments that will live in the hearts and minds of you and your children forever. All our products are individually personalised for you and, having been in business since 1992, we’re experts in personalisation. We appreciate the joy our products bring you and we take seriously our responsibility to provide you with great quality products, matched with unrivalled value and superior service. We’re also partners with some of the biggest children’s brands in the world – including Disney, Marvel, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon. These partnerships let us combine the uniqueness of personalised gifts with the magic of your children’s favourite characters. If unique, memorable and magical is what you’re looking for in a gift, we can help!

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