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According to the recent study, it has been found out that the increasing use of the pain killers & other over-the-counter medicinal products have set up a worrying issue which has led females to become adductors of the consumption of drugs.

Till date, the consumption of such drug products, for instance pain-killers & other O-T-C medicinal treatments on regular basis were somehow associated with the occurrences of gastro esophageal reflux, even lead for an adverse impact on the cardio organs & even certain other ailments. The recent reports put light on other fatal impacts of the health which create their effect on the females who consume excess amount of drug products for the purpose of treatment.

The data reveals that a ‘safe’ painkiller termed as Co-codamol is composed of paracetamol & codeine (this is considered as an opiate that probably belongs to the similar categories of morphine & heroin) & thereby they enhance the addiction.

Codeine forms to be a fundamental pain relief medication & also helps to enhance the relaxation as well as well-being. But, if this medicinal product is utilized in larger amounts& on daily basis, they prove to be harmful & thus they can be addictive. Both the patients & the physicians consider Co-codamol as one of the safest forms of opioids, but they are not actually safe.

Studies reveal that females are more susceptible to get addicted to such drugs as compared to men. It is a real fact that the rate of consumption of such drug products like co-codamol have increased within a decade & this fact must however be supervised.

So to cure this, certain preventive measures must be considered to reduce this addiction which can be done with the help of public awareness through effective promotions & campaigns.

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