Fitness Accessories With High Quality At Great Prices Announced By Fitness World India

Leading trader of healthcare fitness equipments established in the year 1993, Fitness World has recently introduced some fitness accessories in its accessories range. The newly introduced accessories include slimmer, E-Foot massager and neck & shoulder massager. 
Fitness World offers vast variety of commercial equipments and home equipments that promise to offer you quality of products. The fitness accessories are available range from jumping ropes and dumbbells to exercise balls, yoga mats, and lifting gloves. Investing in the right fitness accessories could not only make workout effective but also makes it fun and relaxing as well. 
Neck & shoulder massager relieves individuals suffering from tired muscles, back pain, or pain from injuries. Providing a wealth of benefits, with a body-hugging design that allows for a comfortable massage, Fitness World neck & shoulder massager also help improve blood circulation and provide a deep, penetrating muscle massage. The versatile massager on neck and shoulder could also be applied on thighs, lower back, or even on feet.
The other equipment, Fitness World slimmer belt is a device that is designed to help individuals lose weight in the area the belt is applied. Made of a durable neoprene fabric, slimmer claims to sweat off the pounds while sucking in abdominal area. Slimmer belt contain magnets, which boost the energy within the body and stimulate it to burn more energy throughout the day. The slimmer also retains heat helping more calories to shed from midsection.
E-Foot massager offered by Fitness World is a great option for individuals who want to experience a soothing foot treatment from the comfort of their home. Apart from reviving and rejuvenating tired feet, the foot massage improves blood circulation. E-Foot massager is powered by electricity that provides a deeper more relaxing massage to the foot. It gives several speed options to completely stimulate all the pressure points on the bottom of the feet and increase the blood flow. E-Foot massager applies the principles of percussion, rotation and vibration to replicate the effect of the masseuse.

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