American Dental Centre Offers Advanced CEREC Technology Done Just in One Appointment

Professional dentists of North Miami’s leading dental clinic, American Dental Center offers the proven advanced CEREC dental technology to restore the damaged and decayed teeth in just a single appointment to bring back the beautiful smiles of their patients. This advanced technology is used to offer patients the same day ceramic fillings and crowns according to their flexibility.

The spokesperson from said, “Our cosmetic dentist in Miami offers advanced CEREC technology, Lumineers, Zoom, Teeth Whitening, restorations and smile makeovers that can be done in just one appointment!. What makes us unique from others is our flexible payment plans and financing options for patients who wish to pay in due course.”

CEREC is one from an advanced dental procedure that produces high esthetic posterior restoration with perfect sealing and contact with each tooth. CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology that is perfect and convenient for each patient in achieving better aesthetic results than they would achieve with high quality labs. Recent report says that above 4,000 dentists in the U.S and Canada uses CEREC technology to perform tooth restoration. Moreover, above seven million restorations has been performed worldwide. Not all doctors realize the full potential of the CEREC technology since they won’t apply it to its full capacity. Doctors of American Dental Center are well practiced and do flawless CEREC dental practices for their patients at their best possible way. The dentists of American Dental Center specialize in emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, same day dentures and dental implants and are renowned for providing affordable dental care in Florida’s North Miami.

The spokesperson also added, “Our cosmetic dentist in Miami and staff, work as a team to provide you with dental care customized to what you desire. We create the smile of your dreams using many different procedures including CEREC technology, Lumineers, Teeth Whitening, restorations and smile makeovers that can be completed in just one visit!.”

About American Dental Center

American Dental Center is a leading dental clinic in North Miami providing latest technology dental treatment dental treatments like emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and same day dentures affordably. For more information on advanced CEREC technology and other dental treatments, visit