Antigravity Fitness Set to Launch Fitness Program for Children

Christopher Harrison, the creator of the Antigravity fitness brand, will soon provide fitness classes for children aged six to nine. Backed by his excellent background in gymnastics, Mr. Harrison is excited to inspire children to become health conscious as well as embrace and enjoy practicing aerial yoga at their young age.

Aerial Yoga for Kids

Creating an aerial yoga program for children has always been a part of the company’s goals since the inception of Antigravity Fitness. Christopher shares that being physically active is not only for the adults.It is important for everybody to learn how to develop a healthy lifestylewhile young, he adds.That goal will soon turn into reality with the creation of a plan called AG Kidz.

The company is yet to announce when the package will be available. Mr. Harrison and his team of exceptionally talented fitness experts are still in the midst of developing the techniques that will be part of the class.

Christopher sharesthat children will find aerial yoga fun and exciting. He explains that they haveto make the class aplayful experience to entice the children to join the Antigravity Fitness program.

Parent-Children Healthy Bonding

The new class is also open to parents. The group thinks it will serve as a fun bonding activity for both the children and their parents. Mr. Harrison says that aerial yoga is a great social activity to make workouts much more fun.He believes that it is easier to encourage children to get into a fitness class if they find a common face in the room. Christopher encourages everybody to check their website to know the latest news about the AG Kidz class.