Rheumatoid Arthritis linked to increased potential of blood clots –

According to a new research, rheumatoid arthritis enhances the risk of developing potentially fatal blood clots in the lungs and legs. The new study found that people with this inflammatory form of arthritis are more than three times as feasible to evolve a deep vein thrombosis (a clot usually in the legs) and twice as probable to have a pulmonary thromboembolism (a clot that travels to the lungs) estimated to those without the diagnosis.

The latest study found an association between blood clots and rheumatoid arthritis, but not a direct association of cause and effect relationship. The researchers used a national database to recognize about 30,000 people who evolved rheumatoid arthritis from 1998 to 2008. They observed them through 2010 to see if the rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis affected blood clot risk.

They estimated the data with records for 117,000 people who do not have RA of the same gender and age. Even after considering other health conditions such as, surgery, high blood pressure and cancer, those with rheumatoid arthritis were still more likely to develop the blood clots than those not diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

In RA, the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues, particularly the thin membrane lining the joints. This results in inflammation and chronic pain. The cause is not known, but experts suppose that genetic and environmental factors are involved.

Besides being aware of the link with clots, they also suggested that those with RA be as physically active as possible. People with the disease also should try to live a healthy lifestyle to minimize the likelihood of clots.

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