Norwegian Oil and Manufacturing industries reach new peak

Norwegian Oil and Manufacturing industries reach new peakNorway registered significant growth in the second quarter of 2013 and the country’s onshore economy is expected to grow 2.5 percent this year, even with the euro zone stagnation.

Norway’s Oil and Manufacturing sectors are responsible for the boom in the economy and according to Frank Jullum, an economist at Danske Bank, “It appears that the Norwegian economy is about to return to trend growth.”

According to Reuters, Norway registered a 3.1% increase in the Manufacturing sector, more than 2.7% of that which was expected. It is most likely that the Manufacturing sector will continue to grow as Norway registers high investments in the oil industry, and energy companies are bringing new discoveries into production.

Due to this, many oil companies are recruiting through the online job portal The online recruitment website is posting daily job vacancies in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Some of the job positions advertised this week include:

•  Senior EIT Engineer at Experis in Singapore
•  Service Project Manager at Roxar in Stavanger
•  Drilling Engineer Consultant at Experis in Rogaland
•  Embedded Hardware Developer – High Temperature Electronics at Roxar in Stavanger

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