Firm offers guarantee on construction project management software

The Co-construct team is offering a 3-month money back guarantee on their construction project management software. The program allows contractors to manage and monitor all of their projects and communicate with clients in a single platform.

Founder Donny Wyatt was inspired to build the program after having a frustrating homebuilding experience as a client. Understanding the contractor’s challenges in project management as well, he devised Co-construct to help contractors plan and track projects. Moreover, it allows contractors to share status reports and obtain client preferences and feedback. Because of his confidence in how effective the software is, Wyatt offers a refund for dissatisfied contractors.

Co-construct can sell more projects because of the enhanced customer experience home builders can offer for their clients upon implementing the program. With useful tools and a user-friendly interface, contractors can save time handling various projects, enabling them to accomplish more tasks in a day.

The software’s comprehensive system allows contractors to schedule tasks, attach images and files, upload detailed reports on progress and any issues encountered during construction, and many more. It’s even available as a mobile app with a customized icon of the contractor’s logo for easy access and branding. Additionally, it offers unlimited support available through phone, email, and even live webinars.

If contractors still feel apprehensive about the software within three months and wish to terminate the service, they can choose to download their data and turn off their account. The company will simply return every penny without any cancellation penalties.