Technical Foam Services Raise Funds for Lu15 Campaign

Technical Foam Services Ltd, a leading independent engineering-based manufacturer and foam producer, is raising funds under the banner of the Lu15 campaign, to help a Northampton boy currently receiving treatment for Osteosarcoma. This is a serious form of bone cancer, which affects around 126 people in the UK every year.

Twelve year-old Luis Ghaut has recently been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the fibula in his right leg. The Lu15 campaign (a combination of the nickname his parents use for him-Lu-and his favourite rugby position-full-back, i.e. number 15) is sponsored by Technical Foam Services, as the Joint Managing Director – Duncan Geddes – is a friend of Luis’s family. The aim of the Lu15 campaign is to raise enough funds for Luis and his family to have a well-deserved holiday following his treatment, and also to raise the profile of Osteosarcoma cancer.

To start the fund-raising campaign, the Northampton Old Scouts Under-13’s held a bucket-shake at the Northampton Saints v Exeter Aviva Premiership match on the 7th September and raised £2,435; Luis has been a popular member of the Old Scouts Under-13s team since he was six years old.

“We really want to highlight the symptoms and dangers of this horrendous illness, which generally only appears in children going through a growth spurt, and we also want to contribute towards Luis and his family having the holiday of a lifetime when he’s feeling better”, said Duncan Geddes of Technical Foam Services. “Luis faces many battles over the coming months, including several operations and regular chemotherapy sessions. We are really grateful to everyone who has already donated so generously, and would like to invite people to visit the Lu15 website and follow us on Twitter to show their support.”

Visit the Lu15 campaign website at