M-Connect Media Launches Ad Banner Manager into the Magento Extension Marketplace

M-Connect Media has launched Ad Banner Manager into the Magento Extension Marketplace. The extension helps the user in creating banners in the form of an ad on any side of the online store. Available absolutely free of cost and easy on installation, the extension offers a lot of scope for advertisements for the respective businesses.

The users can create their own banners for advertisements that can be later placed either on the right sidebars are on the left sidebars or near the footer on the website. These ad banners help in drawing the attention of the potential customers to the services that are being offered by the stores.

When asked to throw some light on the kind of benefits that the Ad Banner Manager extension would bring in, the spokesperson for M-Connect Media replied, “Appropriate placement of the banner ads will have a direct effect on the sales of the products or services for a given website. It will definitely help in increasing the traffic of the visitors to the website and thereby enhance product awareness and at the same time brand awareness too. Until and unless you make any kind of sound, nobody is going to notice your business on the web. Therefore, with the help of the Ad Banner Manager extension, you will be able to draw the right kind of traffic to your website and also be able to establish the right kind of message across the business circles too. There may be different sizes of banners that are available which as a business owner; you should be able to decide upon.”

M-Connect Media has gained a lot of experience in providing fully functional solutions in the Magento platform to its customers. It is touted as one of the best eCommerce development companies that provide specialized Magento Commerce solutions to businesses of varying magnitudes. This is one extension that will help in achieving the outcomes with lower costs, maximizing revenues for the eCommerce store owners and also increasing the efficiency too.

There may be a few in building features with the extension that will be able to track all the impressions and the click throughs that have been generated and also provide a real time report. With the help of the extension it will become easy to start an ad campaign and manage it too. In this world of extreme competition, every store owner has to walk that extra mile in order to make the presence of the business felt in all aspects. This extension just claims to do the job at hand easier.