IT industry innovation and expertise at Intel highlighted in new infographic

IT industry innovation and expertise at Intel highlighted in new infographicThe IT industry innovation and expertise of Intel’s intelligent systems have been highlighted as part of a new infographic released by the company.

Within the new infographic, the evolution of Industry 4.0 and the continuous innovation at Intel have been explored, alongside how the company delivers connectivity, security, and manageability to enable shorter development times.

For nearly half a century Intel has gathered strong industrial relationships due to the company’s manufacturing experience and innovation, as well as becoming leading experts in cloud, data centres, and big data solutions. This expertise, in combination with the company’s leading-edge solutions, uniquely positions Intel to help revolutionise the 21st century factory.

By delivering this solid foundation of connectivity, manageability and security, Intel is helping equip companies with the confidence to convert their system data into differentiating business values that create new paradigms for an industrial Internet of Things.

Intel provides a secure, manageable architecture that connects isolated systems for greater responsiveness, integrates workloads into a unified system to eliminate inefficiencies and drive down costs, and maximises analytical awareness and process visibility.

For further details regarding the IT industry innovation and expertise at Intel, view the new infographic here.

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