Vodafone announces business energy consumption management solution could reduce cost

Vodafone announces business energy consumption management solution could reduce costDublin, Ireland – The energy consumption and cost of a business could be reduced by EDM, an Energy Data Management solution launched by Vodafone. In fact, during its Proof of Concept across 200 sites, energy consumption and cost was reduced by 29 percent (on average).

Energy Data Management monitors the existing systems of a business to capture valuable data in real-time, from production systems and personal computers, to heating and lighting.

The solution then reports back over a wired or wireless network to the central management systems, which aggregate the data for real-time monitoring and long-term forecasting. This allows its users to make better decisions regarding the energy-efficiency policies, processes, and technology of their business, allowing organisations to ensure cost effective energy usage.

“The beauty of Energy Data Management is that it is very easy to customise to each environment, taking feeds from a wide variety of sources. It means you can track exactly how and where you’re using energy across your whole estate. You can really start to learn how different site systems are contributing to the overall energy consumption. You can also use it to see how external factors such as weather and humidity are affecting usage,” explains Eric Estrade, Principal Category Manager – Energy, Vodafone Group Supply Chain Management.

After noticing spiraling utility bills, Vodafone set about finding ways to control the company’s own energy consumption and costs. Initially, the company focused on using smart meters, however, Vodafone wanted to go much further; the company wanted to get a real-time granular understanding of the factors that influence energy consumption, and then use that information to manage the way to consume energy much more proactively.

Vodafone has implemented the solution, which has lead to huge savings in 8 countries covering around 35,000 sites. It has also seen a number of benefits, including reduced maintenance costs.

In addition, Vodafone has released a new white paper outlining its Energy Data Management solution in further detail – this can be viewed here.