The Type of Services Offered by the 21st Century Eye Care Provider

Eye care providers are no longer just responsible for eye exams. They now provide a wide array of procedures including corrective surgeries and procedures, treatment for eye conditions, and cosmetic surgeries. New technology allows once incurable eye problems to be resolved in a little as one visit and enhances the care of the eye patient. The 21st Century optometrist understands how to maintain the health of the eyes of their patients while improving vision and relieving the symptoms of eye disease.

Gainesville Eye Associates is a 21st Century eye center offering the latest and greatest eye procedures and surgeries so their patients are provided with the best eye care services available. Eye patients have access to annual eye exams as well as the latest and most innovative procedures available in the 21st Century.

Laser cataract surgery and Lasik eye surgery allow patients who have suffered with vision problem to go to 20/20 vision after a simple surgery without the use of blades. The laser-guided precision of these surgeries ensures faster recovery and more consistent surgical outcomes. In laser cataract surgery the patient will have a lens implanted that provides optimal vision. In Lasik eye surgery an image-guided laser is used to reshape the cornea to produce clearer, sharper vision. Gainesville Eye Associates is the only Georgia Eye Clinic performing blade less laser cataract surgery.

The Gainesville Eye Center has effective treatments for all types of eye conditions. Patients suffering with glaucoma are at risk for damage to the main nerve of the eye. Through early diagnosis of the disease and the treatments available at the Georgia eye center the patient can successfully recover from the disease. Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes causing blood vessels in the back of the eye to deteriorate. Doctors Chapman & Farkas are experienced at diagnosing and treating this disorder as well as retinal detachment and macular degeneration.

Botox has become a popular method for relaxing the facial muscles and reducing wrinkles but it is also an effective treatment for stopping spasm of the upper eyelid muscles. At the Georgia eye center trained professionals require just a few minutes to complete the treatment with no side effects and amazing results. Eyelid plastic surgery is also available. In this procedure excess skin or tissue is removed from around the eyes improving vision and giving a more youthful appearance. Eyelid plastic surgery is a simple outpatient procedure with the patient healing within one to two weeks.

Latisse is a new cosmetic procedure producing longer, fuller eyelashes. The procedure increases the thickness and length of eyelashes and gives a darker appearance. The patient simply applies the eye drops to the upper eyelid and within eight weeks will see a notable difference in their eyelashes. This and many other procedures are available at Georgia’s most trusted and capable eye clinic.

Eye doctors in the 21st Century no longer just provide annual eye exams and prescriptions for eye glasses or contacts. They are now full service Optometrists providing patients with the latest and most innovative surgeries and procedures improving vision, eye health, and cosmetic appearance.

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