Racing the Planet Iceland officials receive clothing by 66 NORTH

Racing the Planet Iceland officials receive clothing by 66 NORTH Staff and volunteers of the renowned endurance foot race, Racing The Planet: Iceland 2013, received the official uniform by the Icelandic clothing label, 66°NORTH.

66°NORTH is considered a pioneering label for the creation of specialised clothing for use in the toughest conditions on land and sea. The label is one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies, where it was established in 1926.

66°NORTH provided the uniform for the staff and volunteers during the Racing The Planet: Iceland 2013 event, as well as providing a souvenir item for race competitors.

For the sixth edition of the race, Iceland was the chosen destination due to its unique scenery and challenging terrain. Competitors encountered many of Iceland’s iconic landmarks along the course, including glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, fjords, green hills and mountains reaching up to 2,119 metres above sea level.

Racing the Planet’s Roving Race Series is a 250-kilometre endurance race set out over 6 stages, across 7 days. The annual event, which moves to a new site each year, has had its previous locations in Vietnam, Namibia, Australia, Nepal, and Jordan.

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