Customer service taken to a whole new level by pawn shop in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach boasts a brand new pawn shop that caters to those to want to buy and sell gold, jewelry, and firearms, or purchase archery or bait and tackle supplies. Although they’re technically new—having arrived on the scene in 2013—they firmly maintain old-school principals, with an owner that’s far from inexperienced in what it takes run a pawn shop in Virginia Beach. Oceana Pawn Shop is the second gun shop opened by Jeff Craddock, and Oceana aims to offer more than the average pawn shop.

Oceana Pawn Shop has a knowledgeable onsite staff ready and willing to help you with anything you may need. Their bow technicians are here to assist you with all of your archery questions and concerns. Amy is known for her versatility as a bow tech, and can do wonders on anything from tuning and stringing to personal fitting adjustments.

Amanda is Oceana’s resident southern belle, and she’s been bow hunting for years. There is also an on-site gunsmith with a track record to boast about. Kurt spent 22 years in the United States Navy as an Armor, and his experience has brought valuable consensus to Oceana Pawn Shop.

In addition to Oceana’s canny staff, they carry the most sought after brands in every category. If you come into Oceana Pawn looking for guns, you’ll see top-on-the line products; Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Colt and Kimber. And for those looking to make the perfect catch—whether in fresh or salt water—we’ve got a wide range of the best items for that, too, including: Penn Okuma, Gamakatsu, Eagle Claw, Fishbites, Gulp, and more. Some products you’ll find at Oceana’s bait and tackle shop include live bait, crabbing supplies, as well as pier, surf, and inlet gear.

There is also a vast jewelry selection. Oceana Pawn Shop both buys and sells jewelry, and enforces a strict process of making sure that they only purchase the most quality, promising pieces. If you come Oceana Pawn to sell a piece of jewelry, they’ll walk you through their fair authentication process. There are also many styles of jewelry available, from modern and vintage, to clean and classic.The huge variety ensures there’s something for every occasion, in an endless array of styles.