Five budget holiday destinations in Europe

If you’re wondering what are the best city destinations in Europe for a budget holiday, then read on! You’ll be pleased to hear that there are a number of European locations you can visit on a budget without having to lose all of your hard earned savings!
From doing our research, we are in agreement with an article published in The Guardian . Taken from September 2013 you will be able to see some of the excellent prices you can pay for a holiday in certain locations in Europe and here are our top 5 European destinations to holiday on a budget.


With comfortable accommodation available from £28 per night, we had to have Budapest as our first choice. Not only is the accommodation extremely affordable, but in our opinion, the city is beautiful and a certain must see. Whether you are interested in visiting a range of cultural and historic sites on your holiday, or you want a bit of retail therapy, Budapest has it all and this includes plenty of activities for children. In essence, Budapest really does have something for everyone and with cheap flights and accommodation, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed!

Second on our list of the top 5 European destinations to holiday on a budget is Lisbon. Lisbon comes in slightly more expensive than Budapest for accommodation but at a price of £37 per night, it’s still a fantastic choice! You may also be interested to know that in Lisbon, everything from travel, through to food comes in at some of the most competitive prices within Europe.

Beautiful weather and affordable accommodation makes Istanbul our 3rd destination of choice in Europe. With breathtaking landscapes, some serious shopping and a huge range of restaurants to choose from, there certainly is something for everyone in Istanbul. More interested in the nightlife? Don’t worry, Istanbul won’t disappoint. The best bars in the area are situated close to the harbour on high rooftops – an experience that won’t be soon forgotten.

With accommodation starting from £39 per night, can you afford to say no to Barcelona? 4th on our list is the cultural European city, Barcelona. Here you will find enough activities to keep you occupied for your entire holiday. If you prefer, there are a range of beautiful beaches for you to relax on during the summer months. Are you a football fan? If so, then visiting the stadium of FC Barcelona really can’t be missed.

Last, but by no means least on our list of our 5 type is Madrid. With prices for accommodation starting at £39.00 this is another destination that you can visit on a budget. Madrid in our opinion has been able to modernise itself as a city whilst keeping it’s traditional roots in a fantastic way and is truly something that needs to be visited to fully appreciate. Here you will find friendly locals and a range of eateries to keep you appetite satisfied. We’re confident that you will love Madrid and it’s prices!
We hope you have found this article helpful. There are of course plenty of other cities in Europe that you should also consider. However, we believe the above 5 to be the top 5 European destinations to holiday on a budget. For more information visit our website at;