Norway: Statoil reports new oil resource find in Barents Sea

Norway: Statoil reports new oil resource find in Barents SeaNorway’s Statoil, a leading energy company in oil and gas production, recently reported that it has found more oil resources in the Barents Sea.

According to Atle Staalensen from the Barents Observer, the hydrocarbon discovery at the Skavl prospect could increase the chances for a new field centre development in the Arctic.

The Skavl prospect includes up to 50 million barrels of extractable resources. The well drilled by the rig West Hercules is located only few kilometres from the Johan Castberg and Havis structures in the Barents Sea.

The new project includes modest volumes of oil, but could still increase the likelihood of a major field development in the area.

After finding the Castberg and Havis fields in 2011, Statoil announced that a major breakthrough had been made in the Barents Sea, calling the fields in “the most important discoveries on the Norwegian shelf over the last ten years.”

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