Titanium Comics launches four new comic titles

Titanium Comics has gathered a huge fan following for its comic series ever since it was launched last Halloween. It has launched four new series since then, each of them has been more impressive than the last.

The first of its premiere series is Age of Darkness #1 launched on the 31th of October. The comic is all about battle weary humans fighting it out with demons, zombies and other dangerous monsters for salvation of the human race and to return it to its former glory. Created by Don McLiam, illustrated by Joanna Estep (also co-written) and Leonardo Colapeitro, Coloring by Marco Pagnotta and Lettering by Crank. On the 8th of November, The Arcane Issue #1 was launched. Created by Don McLiam and authored by Andy Wolfendon and art by Paolo D’Antonio. This story is set in the Wild West after the days of the life of occultist Josephus Arcane and his personal battle against Lucifer in Hell. Now, his cursed descendants continue the fight. The story keeps readers on their toes as they see each of his descendants in a remarkable fight to the bitter end.

The next comic series launched on the 15th of November is called Death Raye Issue#1. This story takes readers 10,000 years ahead in the future to a world filled with devastation and famine, and a lone ray-gun-wielding soldier is fighting to alter the balance of power. Written by Massimo Rosi, Artwork by Pee “Joe” Zhenzhou and lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.
The last of their premier series launch was on November 22nd last year. Titled, The Fraternity Issue #1, the comic takes us into the events on the eve of the murder one of a mysterious society’s founders, and the journey the accused member makes against time to clear his name and uncover the real culprit. The comic series is co-authored by Don McLiam and James Coggins, famous Canadian Mystery Writer. Artwork by the talented husband and wife team Arielle and Nick Zamudio, Colors by Steven Deneton and Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.
Review copies can be made available upon request. The staff from the publisher are also available for interviews. Fans of the comic can follow all the action at www.facebook.com/Ti.Comics.aod