Adoption Network Law Center Reviews Visit to Grandma’s House of Hope

In a post, ANLC on the Road, the Adoption Network Law Center reviews their visit to Grandma’s House of Hope (GHH) in Anaheim last October. ANLC has been visiting centers and non-profit groups that share their mission of helping children around the area.

Apart from attending to women in crisis, the newly-built GHH also provides transitional care for children who are facing hunger. Through their Nana’s Kidz Program, they feed nearly 500 children annually during weekends and school vacations. The kids normally rely on the school cafeteria and occasional free meals as they endure hardships that come with not having permanent homes.

Recognizing GHH’s mission, ANLC acknowledges their efforts, which have now gone beyond feeding the children. ANLC notes that GHH’s qualified staff also tutors the children after school, teaching them lessons on cooking, reading, computers, and fine arts. GHH, for their part, warmly welcomed ANLC’s staff during their visit and offered them food, including pizza donated by a local restaurant.

Established to help birth mothers and prospective adopting parents across the country, ANLC offers comprehensive and quality adoption services that also benefit newborn babies. Birth Mothers may be able receive financial assistance in accordance with state law for their medical and living expenses during their adoption plan. Moreover, ANLC may assist birth mothers in their search for pre-qualified families who are ready to welcome a child into their loving home.

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