Union Grand Energy taps into Baku and Dubai states new blog post

Union Grand Energy taps into Baku and Dubai states new blog postAccording to a recent article posted on Anar Alizade’s official blog, Union Grand Energy (UGE) has been operating between Baku and Dubai for the last 10 years, whereby Dubai has been acting as a gateway to Baku, and Baku as a bridge to Dubai.

In his post, Anar Alizade makes clear how Union Grand Energy is accelerating material exchanges, logistical services and learning between Baku and Dubai.

Alizade comments that, “Our work in energy, construction, trade and technology development forms a natural synergy, between companies, cultures and markets – we transfer what we learn, apply and know from one location to the other.”

Mr. Alizade followed by mentioning that UGE has attracted high levels of national and international capital and investment.

UGE strives to demonstrate consistently excellent functional, operational and financial performance, while maintaining strong commitment to providing significant and lasting contribution to social and economic development of the countries where UGE operates.

The full article can found on Anar Alizade’s official blog here.