Solar Roadways could replace traditional asphalt roads with solar cell panels

Solar Roadways could replace traditional asphalt roads with solar cell panelsAccording to an article recently published by, solar cell panels could be replacing traditional asphalt as part of the project Solar Roadways.

Solar Roadways is a modular system of glass-covered solar cell panels, heating elements, circuit boards, and LED lights. One advantage of the system is if a panel is broken, the functioning panels surrounding it should be able to report the problem for maintenance.

Suitable for the Norwegian market, the panels are capable of melting snow through various heating elements.

Creator and Electrical Engineer Scott Brusaw explains, “We constructed the panels so that heating is powered by the power supply and not the solar cells. The two systems depend on each other. This is because the heaters and LED lights have to function at night, when solar cell panels are incapable of producing electricity.”

He points to advantages such as not having to shovel snow or salting roads, but takes into consideration the northern areas where this might not work.

Additionally, Solar Roadways will be able to handle heavy vehicles and machinery.

Brusaw states that replacing asphalt roadways with solar cell panels could be an expensive task. However, the solar cell panels will make up for the costs by providing surplus energy to the power supply – the final price of the solar panels has not yet been revealed.

TUjobs notes that after opening for crowdfunding through IndieGogo on 21st April, they’ve collected over $1,189,643.

It is already known that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration wants to collect solar energy from black asphalt, to thaw bridge decks. But this invention takes the concept much further.

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