Statoil to join Denmark’s increasing renewable wind energy production

Energy company Statoil is set to become a part of the increasing renewable energy production in Denmark and the running of the Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm, states

According to TUJobs, Denmark has ambitions to develop large amounts of offshore wind energy, and Statoil will be joining the competition, contributing to the increasing renewable energy production in Denmark.

The wind farm, Horns Rev 3, will be located on the reef, Horns Rev, off the west coast of Denmark. The farm is set to have a capacity of around 400 MW.

The Danish Energy Agency has recently approved Statoil’s application that allows the company a pre-qualification to participate in the competition to build Horns Rev 3.

Statoil will be joining other pre-qualified energy companies, including Dong Energy, German E.ON, and Swedish Vattenfall.

Senior Advisor of the Danish Energy Agency, Lisbeth Nielsen, explains to Teknisk Ukeblad, “We encouraged Statoil to apply, and we are really happy that they are participating. We are interested in having new players join the Danish competition of developing offshore wind farms.”

It was noted that Statoil was happy with the Danes approval as worthy of this task, but according to communication manager Morten Eek, this is not a given that they stay in the bidding.

“We are pleased to be nominated as a company with the position and competence to participate in a bidding round. We are considering entering a bid, but we have not yet decided on this,” states Morten Eek to Teknisk Ukeblad.

If Statoil continues in the competition of Horns Rev 3, the company has to deliver a preliminary cost estimate for the offshore wind farm in September.

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