Security report on strengthening IT data of an organisation published

Security report on strengthening IT data of an organisation publishedA security report on strengthening the IT data of an organisation has recently been published by Computacenter, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services.

As part of the report, Computacenter discusses how organisations can better their business security using 10 attainable steps.

As stated in the Global State of Information Security Survey 2014, conducted by PWC, there is an 18 percent increase in the average financial cost of a security incident.

With the amount of threats constantly growing, IT departments are at a massive disadvantage, fighting simultaneous battles without knowing the nature or number of their enemies.

Security breaches can result in an organisation receiving financial penalties and damage of its reputation.

However, by integrating tools, automating processes and aggregating knowledge, IT departments will have a better chance of closing the security gap and winning some battles.

Computacenter has developed a range of assessments that help organisations define and deliver a multi-layered information security framework. Click here to download Computacenter’s IT security report.

Computacenter manages thousands of devices and events every month for its customers, which gives the company a unique insight into emerging and evolving security risks.

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