Customer retail experience to change with Machine-to-Machine technology

Customer retail experience to change with Machine-to-Machine technologyMarketing release – The customer retail experience is said to change due to the growth of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology within the retail sector. In fact, Vodafone predicts that by 2016, 51% of businesses within the retail sector will be using M2M.

With Machine-to-Machine technology, retailers are able to gain insight into the actions and activities of their clientele. The shopping experience, tracking and predicting of consumer behaviour, as well as the logistics behind the supply chain and delivery of goods, are key areas in which M2M technology continues to have a significant impact.

As customer behaviour rapidly changes, new digital technologies, such as M2M, are helping physical shops become more relevant and putting the focus back on the customer experience.

M2M communications is moving from internal applications in warehouses to supply chains to more customer-centric applications such as connected devices, smart homes and connected vehicles.

M2M communications allows for accurate information to be passed between machines, allowing retail companies to run effectively and efficiently.The data gained from this enables online outlets to deliver seamless brand experience whilst ensuring that the goods are available resulting in a positive customer experience.

Vodafone is the leading provider of worldwide Machine-to-Machine solutions and offers insights into how M2M is enabling retailers to get closer to their customers and create an impactful brand experience.

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