Machine-to-Machine devices and the ‘Internet of Things’ set to double by 2018

Machine-to-Machine devices and the ‘Internet of Things’ set to double by 2018Marketing Release – According to research conducted by Machina, the number of Machine-to-Machine connected devices is set to double by 2018.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is the communication between machines that work without the need for human intervention, via the Internet, constantly and accurately.

It has been reported that the industry leading sectors in M2M are: automotive, consumer electronics, and energy and utilities. Automotive is now a veteran in terms to the usage of M2M, utilising remote maintenance and infotainment. The energy and utilities sector is not far behind in the Internet of Things (IOT), as ‘smart’ home and office services, such as intelligent heating and connected security, grow in popularity.

For over 20 years, Vodafone has been helping to push the growth of Machine-to-Machine technology, and is currently the leading provider of M2M solutions worldwide.

Vodafone’s global platform allows businesses to centrally manage their M2M deployments across multiple territories, with greater control and at a lower cost than previously possible.

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