Evolving the shopping experience through omni-channel retailing and M2M

Evolving the shopping experience through omni-channel retailing and M2MMarketing Release – Omni-channel retailing and M2M are rapidly changing the shopping experience of the consumer, by combining retail high street shopping with the online shopping platform.

What’s clear is that shopping isn’t going out of fashion. In fact, people are shopping more than ever before. But consumers are changing, and the technology within the retail industry is changing too.

Consumers are going through a phase where they are more aware of what things cost and what they actually need – they are prepared to spend the time to go to two supermarkets instead of one in order to save money.

As far as consumers are concerned, they see being online and being in store as one holistic experience offered by the retailer. This leads to more savvy decisions when purchasing; making more informed decisions.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is driving a more competitive supply-chain, and that’s important because the flow of goods through efficient distribution channels is what enables them to have the right stock levels to match demand.

Vodafone, a leading provider of M2M services, is offering its solutions for all retail needs, from dynamic real-time advertising, wireless CCTV, and smart parking – creating a seamless shopping experience.

Vodafone has created an M2M Retail Insights document, which outlines how M2M technology is transforming the retail business, as well as Vodafone’s pioneering M2M solutions. This can be viewed here.

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