Ivanpah Solar Power Plant causes problems for wildlife

Recently, a high number of objects have been igniting midair at the Ivanpah Solar Power Plant in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Sources have stated that these objects, known as Streamers, are actually birds igniting in midair.

According to an article posted via TUJobs, Federal wildlife investigators have come to the conclusion that many of the objects derive from burning birds.

The Center for Biological Diversity suggests that up to 28,000 birds die per year due to birds flying into the 347,000 mirrors that are angled towards and reflect sunlight onto the tall solar power towers.

The light attracts insects, and the insects attract insect-eating birds that ignite as they hit the focal point of the mirrors.

Renewable Energy Director for the California chapter of the Audubon Society Garry George states that it’s hard to say whether it is the location or the technology causing the deaths.

Plans for a new Solar Park is now in the works, and will have a total capacity of 500 MW, which will feature towers twice the height of the Ivanpah plant towers

The Ivanpah towers are 140 meters high and the towers planned for the Palen project east in Coachella Valley will be 228 meters high.

However, this new plant could cause problems for pilots.

“Flying in the vicinity of the (Ivanpah) facility generated the brightest, most extensive amount of glare that I’ve seen in my aviation career – and I have been flying since 1986, wrote Gary Cathey, California Department of Transportation aeronautics chief to the California Energy Commission as they were considering the Palen project.

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