How easy access bathrooms have changed over the years

walk-in shower bathEasy access bathrooms have evolved over the years to ensure that they provide the safest, most up to date features, so that elderly and disabled people can use their bathroom easily.

It can be difficult for the elderly and those with disabilities to use traditional bathrooms without being in pain or needing assistance. Easy access bathrooms have been designed so that not only are they easy to use but they can be used without assistance so that you have privacy and a level of independence when you are bathing.

What Changes Have Been Made To Accessible Bathrooms Over The Years?

Walk in baths and showers have been introduced over the last couple of decades for ease of bathing so that it is no longer hard work but is instead a relaxing experience. These are the major appliances used in easy access bathrooms to make life easier for those with mobility issues come bath time.

Walk in baths have been developed so that it is easy to get in and out of the bath without having to climb over the sides of the bath which can be difficult. Each bath will have a door that has seals so that no water will leak out of the tub on your floor. They also have quick fill and drainage so that you don’t have to wait a long time for the bath to fill up or drain away water. This was designed to avoid catching colds and feeling uncomfortable while you wait for the bath to empty so you can leave.

Traditional shower floors can become very slippery when they are wet and soapy. Walk in showers have evolved so that there is no risk of slipping or falling in the shower. This is as walk in showers come with grab rails to help you enter and exit the shower easily and also to help you manoeuvre round the shower. Walk in showers have the option of coming with no doors and walls, full walls and doors or half height doors and walls. The half height walls and doors can aid a carer who is assisting you.

Shower seats have also evolved over the years so that they are now foldable. This means that if you share the bathroom with someone who does not need a shower seat they can easily fold it out of their way. A foldable shower seat, rather than a shower seat that can’t be removed, means that a separate bathroom does not need to be installed which can cost a lot of money. Instead the bathroom can be used by those with a disability and those without without diminishing the bathing experience for either one.

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