Customised merchant solutions offered through Valitor Partner Programme

Customised merchant solutions offered through Valitor Partner ProgrammeCustomised merchant solutions are being offered by Valitor through its Partner Programme, where businesses can capitalise on opportunities in order to cross-sell acquiring services to their customers.

Valitor offers an established programme in various markets, including card present transactions and e-commerce. The company’s flexibility and customisation is able to match the different needs of a business.

Valitor works closely to build a unique value proposition, all the way from boarding procedures to risk monitoring, creating a product that is competitive across markets, whether it be on price, collateral or service.

Valitor’s Partner Programme offers businesses the following:

  • Adaptable pricing structure
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours for all merchant applications
  • Application acceptance within 48 hours, if all requirements met
  • Efficient chargeback management services
  • Extensive merchant support and training
  • Rule-based fraud monitoring system
  • 24/7 access to Valitor Back Office, call centre and technology support
  • Optimal system stability and uptime of 99.99%

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