Energy news website covers latest in oil industry

Energy news website covers latest in oil industry The Norwegian-based energy news website, TUJobs, covers the latest from the oil industry worldwide, including news and job postings.

TUJobs is quickly gaining a reputation as being a leading technology and energy news resource, covering up-and-coming projects and industry discussions.

Initially set up by entrepreneurs Rune Johansson and Fredrik Bjerknes, also aims to specialising in recruitment within the oil energy sector. Now, the website is helping companies find suitable workers in Norway, as well as find specialist labourers work within the oil sector from around the world.

Through, companies can advertise their vacancies online at a fixed rate. Employers are able to provide details of their vacancies and candidates are able to apply by creating profiles and CVs online.

After the application process, the employer can review the candidates’ profiles and choose who is best suited for the interview stage. Thus, the recruitment process becomes faster, efficient, and more economically beneficial for companies that recruit online than for those using traditional methods.

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