Alta to revolutionise 3D printer aesthetics

Alta to revolutionise 3D printer aestheticsA new Alta 3D printer by POLARWORKS is set to revolutionise the aesthetics of the 3D printer, states

Alta is a simple and robust printer that is made to be used by more than just printing enthusiasts. It therefore also looks much better than most 3D printers. It actually looks more like a trendy record player.

Simen Svale Skogsrud, partner at digital agency Bengler states, “To have a 3D printer is like having a veteran car, it prints well for a month before you encounter problems.”

Skogsrud first began building the open 3D printer Reprap in 2009, but he felt that the 3D printer could be built much simpler.

So Skogsrud started building a prototype, with simple hose clamps and cable ties to connect the electric motors. Then he invested his time in creating a complicated algorithm for the printer.

“With this and a more complicated code I could replace 70 percent of the parts of ordinary 3D printers. The principle was to make life easier by moving complexity from hardware to software.”

The prototype was put on the shelf for almost three years before industrial design students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Hans Jakob Føsker and Alexandre Chappel, got their eyes on it. They designed a stylish version of Simen’s prototype as their diploma work, and named it Alta.

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