Monitoring product consumption via M2M technology aids businesses

Monitoring product consumption via M2M technology aids businessesMarketing Release – The monitoring of a business’ product consumption can be easily monitored through Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology. Connected cabinets by Vodafone can automatically alert the business warehouse when stocks are low, triggering an instruction to restock the products.

Retail connected cabinets can constantly monitor the operational status of retail display cabinets, from self-service coffee machines to ice cream freezers. This monitoring helps keep goods in their prime condition and increases sales.

M2M technology can increase customer service, by giving staff access to information at their fingertips, improving their ability to answer customer queries.

Using M2M-enabled EPOS/PDQ terminals and tablets, customers can complete their purchase there and then via the terminal, giving customers the opportunity to avoid the queuing process.

Furthermore, by monitoring shopper numbers and movements, businesses can monitor the effectiveness of a business, and reveal how merchandising resonates with customers of different ages and gender.

With over 20 years’ experience of offering M2M solutions, Vodafone provides its renowned services to 70 wireless networks on five continents.

Vodafone has the world’s largest owned network and partnerships in more than 40 countries, serving more than 400 million customers.

Vodafone’s Retail Insights outlines the benefits of using M2M technology in the retail industry can be viewed here.