Energy and Technology News recap: TUJobs in October and November 2014

Energy and Technology News recap: TUJobs in November 2014Throughout October and November 2014, TUJobs covered a range of energy and technology-based topics from 3D printing, Social Media as a recruiting platform, and about the halting of NH90 helicopters in the Netherlands.

According to, the new Alta 3D printer by POLARWORKS is set to revolutionise the aesthetics of the 3D printer.

Alta is a simple and robust printer that is made to be used by more than just printing enthusiasts. It therefore also looks much better than most 3D printers. It actually looks more like a trendy record player.

Simen Svale Skogsrud, partner at digital agency Bengler states, “To have a 3D printer is like having a veteran car, it prints well for a month before you encounter problems.”

Moving on, it was noted that social media sites such as LinkedIn are becoming the leading platforms for the recruitment market.

Lene Pettersen, Ph.D. student at the Institute for Strategy and Logistics at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo states that there are more jobs being announced on LinkedIn, rather than newspapers and other media.

“If you are a small marketing agency and want a fun designer, it is more relevant to announce this on your website and spread it through the social networks. The potential job searcher will not necessarily be reading the newspaper,” says Pettersen.

Finally, states that the Netherlands has declined to accept the last seven deliveries of HN90 helicopters until it is are confident that the manufacturer, NH Industries, has solved all the problems, and they can agree on who is to pay for the necessary repair of existing helicopters.

The extent of the corrosion was inspected by the Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), which concluded that there had not been adequate action taken to prevent galvanic corrosion. There are especially many incidents of metal components installed directly onto composite materials without electric isolation.

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