Recent Northern Lights photos spur increase in self drive tours in Iceland

Recent Northern Lights photos spur increase in self drive tours in IcelandIt has been noted that the recent Northern Lights photos published by the Daily Mail have spurred an increase in Northern Lights self drive tours in Iceland.

The UK newspaper, Daily Mail, recently published online a selection of stunning photos of the Northern Lights over the Holuhraun lava field, whilst photographer Stefan Brenner was visiting the Jokulsarlon glacial lake at the edge of Iceland’s Vatnajokull National Park.

The Northern Lights occur most frequently in the Polar Regions, centered within a 2500 km radius of the geomagnetic pole. Due to this, Iceland proves to be the perfect destination to experience the natural phenomenon.

Self drive tours allow visitors to explore travel across Iceland and hunt for the Northern Lights with no restrictions from tour providers. Many claim that self drive tours are an ideal way to see the Northern Lights due to the freedom and flexibility that they provide.

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