Flostream Launches Direct Mail Services in UK & Worldwide

fulfilment mailingSlough, BRK— Flostream Limited is a direct mailing house and has launched direct mailing services across the UK and globally that is completely unique and personal. Our mailing house is extremely flexible and we promise to match all your requirements entirely.

Flostream is a direct mailing house that offers reliable mailing solutions and quality service at “the best rates for UK mailings”. From digital printing of letters, inserts and mail envelopes you can be assured that you will achieve the best prices and discounts for your UK mailings. Customers can call; go online to www.flostream.co.uk, or email marketing@flostream.co.uk for detailed information on services. A Company that provides quality assurance from start to finish, you’re sure to be content with their services.

Flostream has been in the service industry for over 25 years and offer “Unlimited” Services. Some of the services offered are:

  • Direct Mail Postcards
    Whether it is to let your customers know about a special offer you have or a reminder to let them know you still exist – it is one of the cheapest and best direct mailing solutions. Your message will be read is guarantee.
  • Brochures and Letters
    These are printed to perfection and mailed at affordable and cost effective prices.
  • Worldwide postage
    We can even ensure your customers think the mail you have sent is from their country. We can send mail that is stamped with the local postmark of the country of your choice.
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
    Reach your target audience at reduced and cost effective prices.

Whether your business is a small local company or a large conglomerate, whether you need UK delivery or global, Flostream direct mailing house offers you a fast, flexible and cost effective mailing solutions.

Why choose us? Quite simply since ‘we are the best’. If direct mailing is done carelessly, it will reflect on your Company and have an adverse effect! Feel free to contact Flostream to discuss any of the services on 01628 669548 or e-mail: marketing@flostream.co.uk